Is Bread Making You Sick? : Dough Conditioners & Additives

Written by Nicole Schrock - December 11 2015


Jane Cook
July 14 2021

Wide-pan bread bought from Kroger/Fry’s seemed
The answer to my prayers for un-sweet bread so
was very disappointed to find it was sickly sweet.
After half a slice toasted I gave up and have felt
really unwell for the rest of the morning. Datem!

Sioux Blanchard
July 14 2021

Do you sell Bread?
If so, where can I buy it?
I don’t have a home to make homemade bread, but love sandwiches.
I am Resident Manager and Security over 7 acres that has no house.

Lisa J.
March 10 2021

Thank you for the information! Yesterday I got a loaf of ‘freshly baked’ sesame bread from Walmart. I had some last night along with a few other foods, and then had an upset stomach all night. I’ve had their bread before and had no reaction, but it was one of a few suspects. I had a smaller amount of it a little while ago, and started feeling sick right afterwards. So I checked the ingredients. It contains datem, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, and enzymes, along with enriched flour. Some combination of those ingredients doesn’t agree with me. I won’t be having any more of this bread. It smelled & tasted so good – but not good for me.

March 10 2021

TJs new organic pumpkin bread lists a bunch of organic ingredients and then ascorbic acid (dough conditioner), and enzymes. What do ‘enzymes’ consist of and why needed if there is ascorbic acid?

Vivian Johnson
March 10 2021

I had to investigate “dough conditioner” after being very disappointed with a local chain store that bakes it’s own bread and rolls daily. My family regularly bought six sandwich rolls here with no problem. In fact, they smelled delicious and I believe this was their selling point. I also would buy their loaves of white bread that had sesame seeds on top. Again, smelled delicious. One of the last times I purchased this loaf, it was awfully soft. When I toasted it , it smelled like raw dough. Eating it even untoasted left my gut uneasy. I not delicate in this area, so, it was very noticeable. End of this is that their rolls and their bread no longer smell as they once did and their various loaves have this pillowly feel. We really miss what once was as the smell of their breads and rolls lingered in the car on the trip home and up to their consumption at dinner. Any comment on this?

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