Welcome! We know that good health starts with good food and that the best products must start with the best ingredients. We do our best to ensure that when you buy products with the Berlin Natural Bakery label, that you can do so with confidence.

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Now Made With USDA Organic Spelt Flour!

We go to great lengths, to ensure that we are providing you with the highest quality ingredients and baked goods.

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We Do What's Right Even When It Isn't Easy

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Say NO to GMOs

To be the change we want to see in the world, we must be willing to pay the price today for the benefit of future generations.

Why We Say No To GMOs

Meet The Family Behind Berlin Natural Bakery

This is my Mom, Joy. She has been a part of Berlin Natural Bakery since our family acquired it and let me tell you something, she has waged war for it in a way I can barely even put into words but let me start by telling you a bit about who she is. My Mom is a fighter. She has fought and conquered all her life and although it's been hard she has seen major victory and breakthrough and understanding that I am sure she would agree, was well worth the fight.

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