What it Really Means to Be Amish

Written by Joy Schrock - October 30 2009


October 16 2014

. They are not “forbidden” from use of some modern conveniences to do their farm work. It is very dependent upon the community they live in. Not all Amish groups are the same or run in the same manner. In some cases Amish farmers have been allowed by their community leaders to have such modern conveniences such as tractors and electricity when it’s deemed as a necessity. It’s not normal, but it does occur.

Martha Yoder Garrett
October 16 2014

Even tho I grew up in the Amish community for a small part of my life, this explanation was very interesting and I learned things I never knew before such as the term “Schwebish”. I love it!!! The verse “love not the world…..” ; wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that while growing up!!!!

October 16 2014

if it weren’t for the christianity and aversion to technology, I’d quite like to be Amish.

March 10 2021

I was extremely privileged to take a college course in Amish studies taught by John Hostetler, one of the foremost scholars on Amish society, and the facts in this article, to my recollection, are all correct.

I’d add one important point to the mix here: a guiding principle for the Amish is humility, and above all, to avoid the sin of pride. This means an Amish person is to defer to others in everything, doesn’t dare to question elders or Scripture, and would never do anything to express individuality or to stand out from the group. This is witnessed in Amish music— there are no instruments, and no harmonies are sung. The faithful sing in unison, because to deviate is to call attention to oneself, a form of pride.

It seems restrictive, even oppressive, to our modern sensibilities. But there’s something in the purity and simplicity of the lives lived in these communities that continues to attract the outside world even now.

March 10 2021

That’s a very relaxing article. Perhaps a little bit biased towards the complete benevolence of amish, but nevertheless. Simplicitity of mind and appreciating a “small set” of real values is what we all could use more “these days.”

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