Is Bread Making You Sick? : Dough Conditioners & Additives

Written by Nicole Schrock - December 11 2015


Lydia Fortner
March 10 2021

Just looked up DATEM right now because it was listed as an ingredient in Progresso’s clam chowder, and I had never heard of it before!

Cathy Gumm
March 10 2021

I found DATUM in Bisquick baking mix. I grew up eating this stuff. No wonder we are sick!

Ragina Gray
March 10 2021

I would love to buy your products. Can I get items send to my home?

Charity Hubbard
August 16 2017

I am sure that all of these harmful chemicals from this post and the many many others out there are doing many terrible things to many people. I personally am trying to rid the toxins from my family now from finding things that just were not right. We have been going gluten free and organic including bpa free and trying to grow our own fruit and veggies as well now but I am praying that its not to late. The horrible effects these chemicals have on the DNA is just awful to destroy a life for the mighty dollar, greed… US lacks love in alot of ways but I do not as a disabled separated mom I will do my part to take care of myself and my children naturally we have been learning alot about our cells lately and how they work and when you mix these chemicals into the human body the live cells start to fight and need to break away it will kill many if the fda does not put a end to this such as blue 1 and red 40 yellow 5 and 6 the colors arent just coloring they have a meaning and its not meant to be eaten or worn.. Blue 1 absorbs directly into the blood stream and can cause tumors along with the others as many other life threatening diseases bht which is in cereal and jet fuel.. The things that are in front of us plain sight a re killing us silently and yet there isnt a cure because they haven’t figured out a name yet for there newest discovery of diseases..
It’s a shame..
Stay blessed and wise loves!

August 02 2017

Superb article!

Glad you guys make a high quality product…….

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