New Year: Same Us!

Written by Nicole Schrock - January 08 2021


Shaffeek Khan
January 21 2021

So exciting to hear the changes to the packaging change but same tasting healthy bread looking forward to seeing the new packaging.

January 21 2021

Thank you for the update thank you for the wishes for what we are hope is going be a beautiful 2021.
Thank you for removing the soy beans I appreciate that and blessings to you and your family and your company we’re very grateful to have your product in our homes God bless

January 21 2021

I love your bread and appreciate what you do to make it. Excited for the changes, thank you!

Jim Whitacre
January 21 2021

Thanks for taking soy out of the Biblical bread. Now I will start to add it to our regular orders. Jim

Desiree Burke
March 10 2021

Just wondered if you guys thought about expanding your choice of products… I love your breads and I use your spelt flour to make things that you don’t sell ready made like flour doe that can be frozen then thawed and rolled out when ready for use to make pies also naan bread or roti… just a suggestion… thanks

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