The Whole (Grain & Seed) Shebang!


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  • The Whole (Grain & Seed) Shebang!
  • The Whole (Grain & Seed) Shebang!
  • thick sliced spelt bread
  • The Whole (Grain & Seed) Shebang!


This is our first ever thick sliced spelt bread and it blows us away every single time we toast it. Its thickness keeps it warmer longer and makes for a nice crunch on the outside with a softness on the inside. 

Speaking of toasting - the numerous grains and seeds make this a toast dream! Not just in flavor but in its mouthwatering aroma. Perfect plain or loaded with all your favorite toppings. 

Not that this makes a real difference, but this is an absolute favorite in my and my Mom's household! 

For our Vegan/Vegetarians - you will be happy to see that this one makes the cut! 

Ingredients: Organic Unbleached White Spelt flour, Filtered Water, Cracked Spelt, Whole Spelt Flour, Flax Seeds, Organic Cane Sugar, Sunflower Seeds, Oat Bran, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Yeast

Weight: 24 oz

No Preservatives - Freeze Upon Arrival

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