Amish Sweet Potato Casserole

Written by 1 - November 25 2009


January 05 2023

I used to live in Amish Country, close to Sugarcreek, OH. A very nice Mennonite gentleman, whom I worked with at the local Amish newspaper, kindly gave me the recipe for Mrs. Yoder’s Sweet Potato Casserole. That was the most delicious dish I’ve ever had and that’s saying “tons” because I LOATH sweet potatoes and that goes way back to when I was a little girl and we were always taught to clean our plates before we could leave the table. My mother made her sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar and then topping with Fluffy Marshmallows. It was “sickening sweet”, so much so, it would make the Grinch’s toes curl. I couldn’t (still can’t) stand anything sickening sweet….add in the blandness if the actual sweet potatoe and, well, sorry mom, but I just hated that flavor and couldn’t stomach the thought of sweet potatoes – that is, until I tasted Mr. Yoder’s wife’s casserole. Well, to make a long story even longer, we had moved a few times since I was given that recipe and needless to say, it got lost in the shuffle. I searched and searched for the recipe online. Every one I found didn’t even come close to Mrs. Yoder’s recipe. All appeared lost until now. I made your recipe and it was SPOT ON!! Thank you so much for giving back the party in my mouth!!! This time, I WON’T LOSE IT!!!

Veneesa Bowers
March 10 2021

I love your recipes. So does my family. Thank you very much.

November 12 2015

Hi! How do you think it would come out to decrease the sugar? Also can it be frozen (maybe without the topping and add it when ready to bake??)

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