Scientific Evidence Documenting The Negative Impacts of Genetically Modified (GM) Foods on Human and Animal Health and the Environment

Written by JD Schrock - March 26 2010


Rick Westerman
October 16 2014

Some good points in the article. However the lead-off of “Natural reproduction or breeding can only occur between closely related forms of life (e.g. cats with cats, NOT cats with dogs; wheat with wheat, NOT wheat with tomatoes or fish).” is not correct. In fact at several points in the article warnings about horizontal transfer of GMO genes between species is cited as a reason to avoid GMOs. However such horizontal transfer can occur with almost all genes — natural or GMO. Often such natural transfers are assisted by viral vectors.

Scientists detect the GMO transfer more often than natural transfers because GMO transfers are what they are looking for and because it is easy to design tests to detect GMO transfers (they know exactly what to test.) But in nature other genes can also be transferred. Such transferred genes can insert almost anywhere in the host organism just as messily as GMO insertions. As with GMOs 99% or more of the natural insertions are lethal. But just as with GMOs there will be a few gene transfers that are beneficial. Thus in many ways GMOs are indeed just another way to do Nature’s plant and animal breeding albeit in a much quicker fashion. That GMOs are duplicating natural methods doesn’t make it safe — tinkering with natural phenomenon is hazardous in many fields.

Allison Sears
October 16 2014

Thank you so very much for your caring and your in depth article about GM technology. It is unbelievable that it has gotten so “out of hand”! It is so horrible that we have to be concerned about every bite that we take and what we feed our family, friends, and especially the children. My husband recently went to Wal-Mart and found an actual potato that had in it- a “buttery flavor”. They must have taken the genes from a cow, or something to add to the potato! Pesticide and viruses with a buttery flavor!
Here is good news: On June 18, in Europe, there will be a “festival” in 80 different sites to make people aware of the dangers of GMO foods. Please check it out:,,,found this on: This is the site for the advertisement. Just click onto the actual site, it will be in French. Just hit, Translation, and it will change to English.
Good Luck and Thank you so very much. Stay Healthy!

DNA Biotechnology
October 16 2014

Your blog is really Excellent. it inspires the reader who has that great desire to lead a better and happier life. Thanks for sharing this information and hope to read more from you..

Hemant Bedekar
October 16 2014

Dear Rick,
I do agree that there is trasnsfer of ditant denes in nature also.This occures only by accident or in exreme adverse situations onle.Hence the perdcentage of such transfers is very,very rare or by a remote chance.
Normally the naturally the breeding takes place by any of the vectors in the close association of the type.Hence it is the natural.We have never come across the transefer of animal gene in plant or vice versa naturaly. Man should not interfere in natural processes in the universe .If this is compelled by nature it may happen naturally.We have aquired the characters over the period of thousands years.Let it be a ntural process.Whichever is sustainable will sustain,which is not will get vanished like our tail.
Why to unnecessarily interfere in the natural happenings.

Hemant Bedekar( India)
vegetable breeder.

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