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Written by JD Schrock - November 01 2012


March 10 2021

Love the old fashioned sourdough spelt bread. Thanks for making such a nutritious high quality product. In my researching the gluten content of flours in Parts Per Million were the following: barley 59, spelt 440, rye 733, einkorn 12100, kamut 16200, cake 67000, bread 87400, all-purpose 92000, whole wheat 99200. My question is the heirloom spelt that you use have 440 ppm of gluten? I believe non hybridized gluten is essential for feeding healthy gut flora. Also wondering is your heirloom spelt a direct cross of emmer with 28 chromosomes and goat grass (or other wild grass seeds) with 14 chromosomes to form spelt with 42 chromosomes? Wheat originated from Emmer and another grass that cross pollinated to produce a hybrid with 3 genomes instead of 1 which became the parent of the hybrid dwarf wheat of today (has 3 genomes and 42 chromosomes). I think that the human body recognizes the einkorn with 1 genome with 14 chromosomes the easiest while supplying a proper amount of gluten with enzymes for complete digestion. Was wondering if you have considered making an einkorn bread. Also as a certified organic farmer in Ohio, I would be interested in growing einkorn but don’t know how or where to market. From the research that I have found einkorn does not cross pollinate very easy in nature. Would you in the future be interested in buying einkorn still in the hull? In the meantime I’ll keep enjoying your heirloom spelt breads! Good job!

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