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Written by Nicole Schrock - May 20 2022


Love your products your spelt spead awesome?
June 28 2022

But i sure miss your old huge oatmeal cookies and now the ginger cookies.
I know covid made a mess of everything, but please dont ever stop!
Love your spelt bread, and dinner rolls! and you zuchinni,and pumkin streusel bread. Just awsome!

Genevieve Hernandez
June 28 2022

Thank you for your hard work and healthy baked items. Also, thank you for your updates. So glad everyone is remained safe through the storm!

Darlene Longmire
June 28 2022

Thank you! So sorry about the power loss. Also, sorry about short on help but seems like this is a sign of the times. Love your bread!

Kathy Finerty
June 28 2022

We in Illinois got clobbered by that same storm on its way to you. We have power, but internet & cable tv are still out. Good luck in continuing your wonderful work!

Karen Styer
May 31 2022

My Mother and I have been yeast free for 25 plus years, and we just don’t know what we would do without the yeast free bread you make for us. We are also vegan, and for us, your yeast free sourdough spelt bread is the “staff of life” for us!

It is so healthy and tasty, and we eat it as the main course for every breakfast AND sometimes for supper too. We TRULY thank the Lord for our daily bread, and how He works through you to provide so abundantly for us!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and I wish we could meet each of you personally, to thank you. It was so good to see your pictures on the website!

God bless you all for your hard work and sacrifice that you provide for countless homes and families! You are a blessing to the world!

—Karen Styer

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