Righteous Raisin Spelt Bread


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Our Righteous Raisin Spelt bread is loaded with raisins but no added sugar or artificial sweeteners! All of its sweetness comes from its raisins and a touch of cinnamon which is a rarity these day! 

Made with our Whole Grain Spelt flour - this is a substantial loaf of bread that will satisfy your sweet tooth while sustaining you for hours. 

Perfect for creating a decadent French toast or an out of this world grilled cheese sandwich (trust us on this one - think salty/sweet deliciousness).  

For those with active busy lifestyles- it's the perfect go-to bread. Filling, sustaining and satisfying!

Ingredients: Whole Grain Spelt flour, Filtered Water, Raisins, Honey, Yeast, Sea Salt and Cinnamon.

No Preservatives - Freeze Upon Arrival 

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