Sprouted Sourdough Spelt Bread


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  • Sprouted Sourdough Spelt Bread
  • Sprouted Sourdough Spelt Bread


Have you ever found yourself having trouble choosing between our Traditional Sourdough and our Sprouted Spelt Bread? Now you don't have to choose with the newest addition to our online family: The Sprouted Sourdough Spelt Bread! 

This loaf of bread is as dense as our traditional sourdough and has that intense sourdough flavor that you all know and love! It is made with minimal ingredients, baked in small batches and is Non GMO Project Verified - once again staying true to the mission. 

Our Traditional Sourdough is FODMAP friendly and there is even research out there that says sprouting grains may even further reduce their FODMAP content (1)

Spelt gluten is naturally more water soluble than wheat gluten making it easy for the body to break down. Add sprouting to the mix and suddenly the gluten is even easier to digest because the sprouting process actually helps predigest the gluten before you eat it. (2)

Vegan & Vegetarian friendly! Cholesterol Free. Low Fat. Good Source of Fiber. No sugar added. 

Ingredients: Organic Whole Grain Sprouted Spelt Flour, Filtered Water, Organic Whole Grain Spelt Flour (starter) and Sea Salt

Weight: 24 oz

No Preservatives - Freeze Upon Arrival 

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